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Mark Lythgoe has more than 20 years of experience managing and growing enterprise technology businesses across healthcare, finance, tax, retail, travel and eCommerce. Mark’s roles have included Chief Software Architect, CTO, and CISO, with an emphasis on B2B and B2B2C SaaS enterprise solutions. Whether it is scaling large OLTP databases, implementing virtualization, devops, and PCI/HIPAA/SOC 2 controls, or migrating systems to clouds, then containers, Mark embraces new technologies to deliver business value. Mark is the founder of ZippyDb and 8cloud8. He resides in Florida with his wife and 3 rescue dogs. He enjoys "plogging" (beach power walk while collecting trash), mountain biking, golf and SCUBA.
Securing Redis

Securing Redis

The beauty of Redis is its simplicity, but that can be a problem where security is concerned. There is no strong password requirements, authentication backoff, encryption or alternatives to password authentication. That makes it critical to take some steps to secure your Redis instance. While Redis 6.0 will include TLS and some additional authentication enhancements, […]

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