Cost Effective

Pay only for the resources you consume, on a per-second basis.


Eliminate the complexity of managing servers, replicas and capacity.

Fully Managed

All OS patching and Redis ops automatically handled for you.


Hardened Redis infrastructure. Full encryption for PCI & HIPAA compliance.

NO DEVOPS REQUIRED Redis on Shared Hosting

The Only Autoscaling Redis

With Azure Redis Cache, Redis Labs, and others, you pay for more than you need, often in 1GB+ increments. Being a Serverless platform, ZippyDB charges you for actual usage per-second. Even then, our rates are cheaper than most other providers, and once you add in the savings from only paying for actual usage, savings are often over 80%.

See how much you could save:


“A cloud computing model in which the service provider dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources. Pricing for the service is based on the actual resources consumed, rather than on pre-purchased units of capacity”.

ZippyDB provides high performance, reliable Redis on shared hosting in Azure, providing scalable, low latency Redis In-Memory data stores for your application, website, database and more. ZippyDB’s unique solution is unlike Azure Cache, Redis Labs, and others, we only bill you for consumption and automatically scale resources as-needed.


ZippyDB is often substantially cheaper than alternatives, while eliminating DevOps, IT and other management overhead of maintaining a scalable and reliable Redis infrastructure. Redis Server is one of the most popular open source database and caching solutions available today, and ZippyDB is the first fully serverless implementation available in the marketplace. No choosing a plan/tier and hoping you don’t run out of memory, CPU or bandwidth. Scaling Redis from other providers such as Azure and Redis Labs often means watching progress bars and hoping that the migration works without error and building your own scheduling/alerting system to scale as needed. With ZippyDB’s Redis on shared hosting, no additional intervention, coding or monitoring is needed, we handle it for you.