Cost Effective

Pay only for the resources you consume, on a per-second basis.

Low/No DevOps

Eliminate the complexity of managing servers, replicas and capacity.

Fully Managed

All OS patching and Redis ops automatically handled for you.


Hardened Redis infrastructure. Full encryption for PCI & HIPAA compliance.

LAUNCH IN LESS THAN A MINUTE Easy start: Create & Point

The Only Autoscaling Redis

For many web applications and services a performant and reliable session cache is critical. Redis Server is the #1 open source caching solution and most frameworks have great support for storing your session cache in Redis, providing a reliable, performant and consistent shared cache. ZippyDB is the first serverless Redis Platform as a Service offering in the market that eliminates many of the problems with existing Redis solutions available today. With ZippyDB you don’t have to worry about user spikes and running out of your plan’s CPU, Memory, or spend inordinate hours building scaling scripts. With our unique serverless architecture, ZippyDB helps you focus on your business, not your infrastructure.

ZippyDB’s Redis Platform as a Service provides a scalable, low latency Redis In-Memory caching solution for session storage and other caching needs. ZippyDB’s unique solution is unlike Azure Cache, Redis Labs, and others, we only bill you for consumption and automatically scale resources as-needed. ZippyDB can be up to 94% cheaper than alternatives, while eliminating DevOps, IT and other management overhead of maintaining a scalable and reliable Redis infrastructure.

See how much you could save:

Save BIG with ZippyDB's High Perfroming Session Cache

With Azure Redis Cache, Redis Labs, and others, you pay for more than you need, often in 1GB+ increments. With ZippyDB there is no choosing a plan/tier and hoping you don’t run out of memory, cpu or bandwidth, and we charge only for used resources, in 10MB increments. Scaling Redis from other providers such as Azure and Redis Labs often means watching progress bars and hoping that the migration works without error and building your own scheduling/alerting system to scale as needed. With ZippyDB’s serverless Redis no additional intervention, coding or monitoring is needed, we handle it for you